At Strazzeri Mancini, we observe a troublesome trend encountered by affluent families who wish to plan. In our experience, traditional planning can inadvertently narrow planning conversations too quickly. It’s a slippery slope in which the formulation of the problem – the power of the questioning phase – has become a lost art.

The result is that the client winds up with a solution that doesn’t actually solve their full and true problem, or a solution that Band-Aids a symptom. In both scenarios, the problem will present again in the future.

That’s why we developed a model called Care to Know. Families often come to us with a point of pain they want to address. However, the point of awareness rarely speaks to the full spectrum of the issue. In order to design the best outcome, we need to learn what’s happening to the left and right of the symptoms.

Care to Know means that we own curiosity as our first reaction. We listen without preconceived notions. We invite all of the things you knew you needed to discuss into the conversations. Then we draw forth additional themes that matter equally, but that you wouldn’t know to share if we didn’t ask. Over time, clients remark that our relationship becomes a place to reliably broaden their perspective and get to the heart of highly relevant matters. They often refer to the relationship itself as a place to think.

At the end of the day, we protect families, assets and relationships. Our Care to Know model celebrates the inherent magic of nuance that exists between individuals as they navigate life and business. We design plans that are simple, elegant and understandable. Then, we help you implement. Your plan will be reflective of you and your important life principles; an imprint of your greatest clarity and most authentic self.