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The Law Firm of Strazzeri Mancini is a company that values its employees and strives to create lasting relationships between them as well. In this effort, the law firm hosts “team building” activities to strengthen the relationships of its employees and to allow for a relaxed environment for everyone to have some fun together.

In this team building activity, the law firmed visited Qualcomm Stadium to watch the San Diego Padres game. The day was spent relaxing in the fresh San Diego air watching the two baseball teams go head to head while sitting back and getting to know fellow employees just a little better.

The team building activities strengthen the firm to make it more beneficial to not only the company as a whole, but the employees as well.  It allows the employees to grow and better themselves both career wise and socially, making them more well rounded and better able to thrive within the law firm. The team building activities make the Law Firm of Strazzeri Mancini not only a great place to work, but a great environment for its employees to flourish within as well.