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Here at Strazzeri Maninci, family and the sanctity of the family unit is a core value we hold in high esteem.  We appreciate and love each one of our team members and are grateful to everyone who is, has been, and will be a part of our family and team.

Thanksgiving day is a day to be thankful for all that we have.  From our health, freedom, family, friends, business, etc…Thanksgiving is a time to recognize and enjoy those things we are grateful to have.  We are thankful to attorney Stephanie Downer and wish to congratulate her on her newborn.

Stephanie Downer, Esq. and her husband Richard, are proud parents to a healthy and adorable little boy Jimi Wyatt Downer, who was born on Thanksgiving day.  They stopped by our Holiday Open House party and we were able to catch up with the Downer family and enjoy their presence!

Congratulations Downer family and baby Jimi 🙂