Our shining star for the month of September is: 

Mike Armstrong










On the first Monday of each month, at the beginning of our team meetings, our firm votes for Team Member of the Month for the  previous month. Each member of the team casts their vote for the Team Member of the Month – not just the partners.

The three categories taken into consideration when voting for Team Member of the Month are: 1) Contribution to the Team, 2) First Rate Attitude, and 3) Professional Appearance. We thoroughly are proud of our team and love to reward them for their hard work and dedication!

Here is what the Team had to say about Mike:

“For his consistent hard work, excellent skills & support with all we do”

“He did an amazing set-up job for the Laureate Program and BLT breakfast”

“Always contributing to the team; Always a consistent professional appearance”

“Great job with Laureate”

“Continues to shine at firm events”


Congratulations to Mike as our Team Member of the Month!


Past Team Members of the Month:

August, 2015 – Judith Bumann

July, 2015 – Lauren Hughes

June, 2015 – Alberto Sagardia

May, 2015 – Alberto Sagardia

April, 2015Alberto Sagardia, Mike Armstrong, and Kevin Garofalo

March, 2015Mike Armstrong

February, 2015Judith Bumann and Mike Armstrong

January, 2015 – Alberto Sagardia

December, 2014 – Alberto Sagardia

November, 2014 – Mike Armstrong

October, 2014 – Mike Armstrong

September, 2014 – Mike Armstrong

August, 2014 – Kelly Tohm

July, 2014 – Mike Armstrong

June, 2014 – Kelly Tohm

May, 2014 – Mike Armstrong

April, 2014 – Kevin Garofalo

March, 2014 – Carol Mancini

February, 2014 – Kelly Tohm, Kim Vawter, and Stephanie Downer

January, 2014 – Kelly Tohm and Shelley Lightfoot

December, 2013 – Mike Armstrong

November, 2013 – Frank Fox

October, 2013 – Kimberly Vawter

September, 2013 Rob Pene

August, 2013 – Mike Armstrong

July, 2013 – Kevin Garofalo

June, 2013 – Mike Armstrong

May, 2013 – Kelly Tohm

April, 2013 – Steve Mancini, Rob Pene, Kelly Tohm and Mike Armstrong

March, 2013 – Mike Armstrong

February, 2013 – Kevin Garofalo and Jenn Hartwell-green

January, 2013Kimberly Vawter

December, 2012Kimberly Vawter

November, 2012Kimberly Vawter

October, 2012Kimberly Vawter, Stephanie Downer, Kelly Tohm and Alexa Lambarri

September, 2012 – Kimberly Vawter

August, 2012  – Kevin Garofalo

June, 2012Michael Armstrong

May, 2012Stephanie Downer

April, 2012Michael Armstrong

March, 2012 Rob Pene

February, 2012 – Shelley Lightfoot

January, 2012 – Rob Pene and Wendy Wilson

December, 2011 – Stephanie Downer

November, 2011Nathalie Fairfax

October, 2011 Michael Armstrong

September, 2011Krysti Ruddle

August, 2011Nathalie Fairfax

July, 2011Kelly Tohm

June, 2011Stephanie Downer and Michael Armstrong

May, 2011Kevin Garofalo

April, 2011Stephanie Downer

March, 2011Stephanie Downer

February, 2011Nathalie Fairfax

January, 2011Nathalie Fairfax

December, 2010 – Kevin Garofalo

November, 2010 – Kelly Tohm

October, 2010 – Nathalie Fairfax

September, 2010 – Stephanie Downer

August, 2010 – Kimberly Vawter

July, 2010 – Mike Armstrong

June, 2010 – Nathalie Fairfax

May, 2010 – Carol Mancini

April, 2010 – Shelley Lightfoot

March, 2010 – Kevin Garofalo

February, 2010 – Jennifer Hartwell

January, 2010 – Meghann Strickland