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The law firm of Strazzeri Manchini knows how to throw a classy and inviting party. The event to wish honored employee Natalie Fairfax farewell as she will be transferring to a new company and to celebrate the birthday of Mike Armstrong was held at Rock Bottom restaurant. The shindig was a warm celebration filled with friends, drinks, games of pool, and fun conversation. The party was an all around good time for everyone.

Fairfax will clearly be missed by many. “We're going to miss her a lot. She's been great to us” says one of Fairfax's colleagues but everyone congratulated and wished her well her on her new job and move to Los Angeles.

The hugs and showings of appreciation were clearly taken to heart by Natalie as she smiles “I've had a wonderful eighteen months… I could not have asked for a better place to work as far as my first job.”  She also joins along in singing “Happy Birthday” with fellow guests for the other star of the party, Mikey.