Family Wills, Trust, and Powers of Attorney

Our Process to help our FamilyCare Estate™ Clients:

Ⅰ. Review

Introductory Call

During the call from you and/or  your Advisor, our Client Relations Coordinator:

  • Gains a basic understanding of the situation and concerns
  • Explains our planning process and time line.

Gathering and Evaluation of the Estate

We will send you our Confidential Personal Information Packet, which includes:

  • The date and time of our meeting;
  • Directions to and information about our firm;
  • An explanation of the process ahead; and
  • A Confidential Personal Information Booklet for you to fill out and a list of requested documents to be sent to us for the Evaluation.

The collaborative team, often including your other advisors, then performs a detailed Evaluation of the family and estate information.

Ⅱ. Design

Initial Visit

Based upon our Review and Evaluation, we explain our understanding of your family and estate. You then further teach us about your family and goals. Together, we review the possibilities and design a customized and unique plan. With your approval, we then review time frames, costs, “homework” still needed, and set the date and time for the Signing Ceremony.

Ⅲ. Implementation Engagement

Signing Ceremony & Implementation

From the understandings gained at the Initial Visit, each advisor prepares the documentation.  We then review and summarize where each decision is reflected in the plan.  Appropriate documents are signed by you and implemented by each advisor.

Strazzeri Mancini LLP clients often then become part of the FamilyCare™ Program.

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