What is Estate Planning?

An Estate Plan is more than a set of instructions listing your assets and directing their distribution at death.

Many people associate the idea of an “estate” with America’s wealthiest families like Rockefeller or Ford. But in truth, your estate is simply a list of everything you own at the time of your death — whether you are wealthy, middle-class, or of modest means. An “estate plan” is more than a set of instructions that tells the government who your property should go to after your death.

Proper Estate Planning Allows you to Plan for:

  • Yourself and loved ones without giving up control;
  • Your current and future concerns for family members;
  • The possibility of your own disability;
  • What you own to go to whom, when, and what you want;
  • Fully disclosed and controlled costs;
  • Your dreams and goals for yourself, your family and your assets;

Our Clients’ Dreams And Goals Vary, But Often Include:

  • Protecting your assets for yourself and your family;
  • Passing your values, responsibility and work ethic to your family;
  • Reducing income, gift, estate and generation skipping taxes;
  • Keeping your affairs free from publicity, costs and the delay of probate court;
  • Updating your plan due to changes in the world, taxation, finances and your family;

As described in the following webpages, at Strazzeri Mancini LLP, our FamilyCare Estate™ Group assists families and their advisors through:

Our team concept of collaboration brings us together with you and your accounting, financial planning and insurance professionals to serve your needs comprehensively.  In short,  whether it is a Personal Protection Plan, a Trust-Based Plan, or a Trust Protection Plan, Strazzeri Mancini LLP, can bring order to your affairs and generate very substantial tax savings, while meeting your unique objectives.


Strazzeri Mancini LLP helps:

  • Families;
  • Business Owners; and
  • The Advisors they work with

By Resolving:

  • Messes;
  • Transitions;
  • Assets Protection;
  • Litigation; and
  • Complex Domestic and International tax issues