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Firm partners Joe Strazzeri and Steve Mancini spent 5 days in August serving as educators to a national educational program called the Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors.  The Laureate program is geared toward Wealth Advisors and professionals in the Wealth Strategies industry. 

The 5-day learning program in August was the 2nd of a 3 program session held throughout the year.  Joe and Steve are active educators in the Wealth Strategies industry and the Laureate program is a vehicle in which they are able to share, collaborate, and encourage other professionals in the industry.

The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors August schedule is below:

August: 7:  Laureate Wealth Strategies RECAP session for new members

August 8:  Laureate Wealth Strategies Welcome Reception

August 9:  Laureate Wealth Strategies Day 1

August 10:   Laureate Wealth Strategies Day 2

August 11:  Laureate Wealth Strategies Day 3

For more information on the LCW visit:

Watch a video trailer on the first session held in May 2012