FamilyCare™ Workshops

Strazzeri Mancini offers FamilyCare Education Events two times per year to members of the FamilyCare Program and FamilyCounselor Program.  The events offer champagne, dessert, interesting education, and clarity to keep current on:

  • Real Estate;
  • Asset Protection;
  • Probate/Estate Law;
  • Economy & Investments; and
  • Tax Law (Estate, Gift, Income, Business, and Capital Gains).

Strazzeri Mancini also co-sponsors FamilyCare Workshops with other Wealth Planners.  These workshops are designed to introduce clients to the various advisors and financial planning options that could facilitate the client in achieving their enlightened dreams.

FamilyCare Workshops are informational courses, seminars, and educational series offered to estate planning, business, and real estate clients.  Business owners, estate planning clients, real estate investors, and individuals will benefit from being included in a program that keeps them abreast of the various tax savings and wealth building financial alternatives, which have been made available in the past year.  Further, advisors are enabled to share their experience and expertise with clients and their customers in an educational environment that inspires implementation.