Strazzeri Mancini LLP provides to the Collaborative Law Firms the CLF Estate Planning Core Curriculum which includes attendance at five (5) required prerequisite sessions:

1. Attorney and Team Initial Meeting and Overview (1 ½ Hours)
2. Substantive Estate Planning Training and Resource Guide (1 Day)
3. Counseling, Initial Visit, and Presentation Training (1 Day)
4. Signing Ceremony Training (4 Hours)
5. “Shadowing” two or three Initial Visits with Strazzeri Mancini LLP Attorney (1 Day)

The program also provides ongoing training, education and mentoring each month on the following subjects:

  • Current Estate and Tax Topics
  • Core Estate Planning Curriculum
  • Marketing and Co-marketing
  • Basic and Intermediate Estate Planning
  • Basic Elder Law Summary and Importance of RLT/POA Language
  • “Advanced” Planning Overview
  • After Death Administration and Settlement Overview
  • Basic Business Planning
  • Counseling, Communications, and Instructor Techniques
  • Estate Planning Administrative Process

Participating law firms agree that whether there is a simple referral or a referral where both firms stay involved, the client fee agreement must includes both firms’ names, the total legal fee charged, which firm(s) is responsible for the accuracy/appropriateness of the plan & final documents, the amount/percentage of the fee being paid to SMLLP, the fee split not resulting in a higher fee, and that both firms comply with the requirements involving practice errors and omissions insurance applicable to the services to be rendered.

For more extensive client needs, Strazzeri Mancini LLP also offers co-counsel and referral opportunities in Advanced Wealth Planning. Through our FamilyCounselor Program and FamilyGovernance Program, we often collaborate with other attorneys, accountants, and consultants to serve the specialized planning needs of successful families and business owners.  Where appropriate the client engages Strazzeri Mancini LLP directly and in turn, with disclosure, the law firm engages the attorney, advisor, or consultant collaborative advisor in order to:

  • Protect the attorney, accountant, and consultant’s work product as attorney client privileged;
  • Create a completely open exchange of information among the client and all advisors; and
  • Compensate the attorney, accountant, and consultant from the client’s over-all planning fee.

Through our teaching and leadership at the Southern California Institute, The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors, WealthCounsel, and other National Collaborative Wealth Planning Platforms, the attorneys at Strazzeri Mancini LLP have not only practiced collaborative planning at these levels but are also instructors to attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, insurance professionals, bankers, and other wealth professionals.   For Successful Families and Business owners our FamilyCounselor Program and FamilyGovernance Program each have identified, documented, and established processes that have served affluent families, business owners, and their advisors for over a decade.

Strazzeri Mancini LLP helps:

  • Families;
  • Business Owners; and
  • The Advisors they work with

By Resolving:

  • Messes;
  • Transitions;
  • Assets Protection;
  • Litigation; and
  • Complex Domestic and International tax issues