Teaching, Conferences, and The Compelling Message: January Review at the Law Firm

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Happy New Year!  Here at Strazzeri Mancini, we’re very excited for another year to serve our clients and build with our internal team.  We have a lot of exciting things planned in the new year for our firm in general, but more importantly, we’re gearing up to become a more efficiently moving Law Firm to increase our support and care for our clients.

In review, not only did we experience a technology upgrade with our computer systems,  etc, but we also served the community through a variety of Educational engagements in which our attorneys attended or taught at.  Attorney Joe Strazzeri attended a national conference for the Mergers & Acquisitions industry in Las Vegas, while Attorney Steve Mancini and Alex Matuk were able to make a teaching appearance locally.

Below is a listing of highlights for the month: 

January 5:  Alex Matuk teaches at Thursday Insights for Southern California Institute

January 11:  Joe Strazzeri teaches Practice Developer Program CLIA 2 at Del Mar Financial Partners

January 17:  Joe Strazzeri makes an appearance at the San Diego Wealth Management Group meeting

January 17:  Stephen Mancini makes an appearance at the Estate Planning Council meeting

January 18:  Joe Strazzeri attends AM&AA Conference in Las Vegas

January 19:  Joe Strazzeri and Stephen Mancini teach “Growing your Practice through Partnering” at Thursday Insights

January 25:  Alex Matuk and Joe Strazzeri teach a Practice Developer Program for MetLife Advisors ACE 201

January 28:  Joe Strazzeri and Stephen Mancini conduct a Compelling Message session with The Financial Team firm


New TV Screen in Conference Room