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Probate Attorney in San Diego

Kevin Garofalo, an integral staff member in our Estate Planning department, is a team member who thoroughly understands the probate process and working side by side with our Attorneys that handle Probate matters, and he shares some insights into probate.

It is imperative that you consider these two key components when looking into working with a firm or a lawyer for your probate cases:

  1. Are they experienced in the Probate arena
  2. Do they have a structured process for dealing with probate proceedings

From a more general standpoint here are some Questions you might want to consider as well:

How long does the process take?
How much does it cost?  (consider the State fees as well)
What emotional toll will it take on my family and loved ones?
Is my support system prepared to walk with me through this process?

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If you are currently going through the Probate process or searching out answers to some of your questions.  Please know that we are only a phone call or email away from being there to support you.

Phone number:  858-200-1900

We are an estate planning firm in San Diego and are experienced in the technical aspect of probate, but moreso we are here for YOU, and walking with you through the various lengthy procedures so that things flow smoothly and your situation is carefully considered.

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Our Estate Litigation process is a unique way we serve our clients [VIDEO]

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Often times many people “think it’s about going to court, it?s not just about going to court. It’s understanding, the process one that we have, the process of our legal system, and the people. That last component is one that we bring to bear in litigation as we do in all of our lines of businesses. The firm works very, very, hard to understand the client and the people, because without that understanding we really can’t help them through this process called litigation.”

For more information about how we can help you with your Estate Litigation situation, contact the office and we will be glad to help you through your situation.

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