Wealth Strategies :: The Family Counselor Program

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To help you make sure you and your wealth strategies are current, Strazzeri Mancini, LLP offers the Family Counselor program:

Given the continuous process of change, your Wealth Strategies plan will not accomplish its purpose if it is not maintained.  With all the sound bites and media static, it is hard sort out what affects your family and your plan.

Wealth Strategies plans are not plug and play.  They must allow for a myriad of family, personal, financial, and legal changes, as well evolving advisor experiences and techniques.  To help you make sure you and your Wealth Strategies plan are current, Strazzeri Mancini LLP offers the FamilyCounselor™ Program.

As a Member of the FamilyCounselor™ Program, we are your first stop for legal, financial or tax questions.  We are a phone call away for access to attorneys and will either help or coordinate someone who can help.

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