Teaching opportunities, Practice Developer Programs, and Pizza: September Review

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The month of September brings an end to the summer months and usher’s in the beauty of the fall months.  Here at Strazzeri Mancini, not only do we value our summer months, but we also recognize the fall as a time to prepare for the remainder of the year.  From teaching opportunities to spending quality time with our team, this months review gives you a variety of things that took place here in our offices and by our staff members.

Below are highlights to our month of September:


September 4:  Joe Strazzeri makes an appearance at Lincoln Financial Open House in San Ramon, CA

September 7:  Team Pizza Party at the Testa’s residence

September 11:  Practice Developer Program:  Del Mar Financial with Alex Matuk

September 19:  Best Practices of America Symposium:  Joe Strazzeri makes appearance

September 24:  Sharp Hospital Board of Directors meeting for Joe Strazzeri

September 26:  Kimberly Vawter and Stephanie Downer teach at Thursday Insights



FFI Conference, Wealth Counsel intensive, and Halloween

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October is usually a month full of surprises as many families are preparing for the Holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. Our attorneys and team continued to serve our clients and community through more educational events as well as mentoring opportunities.

Below are highlights to the month of October:

Oct. 16th:  Laureate team training call – Joe Strazzeri, Steve Mancini

Oct. 17th:  FFI Conference – Joe Strazzeri, Carl Sheeler

Oct. 20th:  The Founders Group training – Steve Mancini, Joe Strazzeri, Alex Matuk

Oct. 22nd:  Crawford High School Mentoring Session – Alex Matuk

Oct. 23rd:  Wealth Counsel Workshop at Boston, MA – Steve Mancini

Oct. 24th:  Sharp Grossmont Hospital lunch and learn – Alex Matuk

Oct. 25th:  Think Tank at Monterey Bay

Oct. 31st:  SMLLP Halloween team event with So Diego Tours, Inc at Old Town

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