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Strazzeri Mancini, LLP assists in business planning as well, an area where, "we help plan when a business is small, as it grows we help with maintenance of that, and then if somebody considers a concession plan in the family or for sale, we do that as well."  This process helps the business grow and allow the business to become more self sufficient. 

"We set a way for a family to consider their business, consider it while they are alive and well and it’s going well, consider generational ownership, consider the possibilities and exit strategies while they are running it and developing the profit from it in an asset protected way, considering their options."

This allows for the business owner and their family to be protected and to flourish in the short term and the long term. 

At Strazzeri Mancini, it is our goal to assist you in all facets of your business planning, no only for your current situation and considering Asset Protection Planning but also for your company's long term health through our counsel.