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Having worked together since 1998, Mike and our Partner, Alex Matuk, joined the Firm in April 2002. Since then, Mike has worked with Strazzeri Mancini in various aspects. His transition into the firm brought his paralegal experience in Litigation and Business Planning.

In addition to his assistance with our computer network and website, and a year as the Office Administrator, Mike has cross-trained in the FamilyCare™ Estate Group in preparation for his current position as the lead Strategic Assistant and Paralegal to the FamilyCare™ Estate Succession Department.

Mike continues to grow both professionally and personally. He currently is the Director of First Impressions for the law firm.


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For most of us, asset protection includes our plans to buy and secure our homes, our possessions, wealth, cars, etc.  Asset protection can be as complicated as it needs to be or as simple as we can make it.

The law provides various means of asset protection, however, for the commoner and lay person, this information must be mined for.
Here at Strazzeri Mancini, we are available to hear and handle asset protection matters for the everyday individual as well as the high net worth successful family and business owner.
Our approach to these type of cases lean more toward our connection to the family and less on the technical aspect of what type of protection to counsel you on and recommend.  From years of experience with cases, families, individuals, accounts, etc. we have learned that regardless of what the need turns out to be, it requires time and effort to find out what the family goals are and how they would feel most comfortable within reason to navigate the matter.  In other words, we spend more time in the counseling portion of our service and correspond the technical solution to the goals of the family.
Asset protection is a benefit to families and it takes times to figure out the proper solution to meet your needs.
Give us a call if you would like to find out more how we can help you with your asset protection needs.

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