Vacations, Anniversary, and more events in our June Review

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In the month of June, we all are excited for the summer activities to kick off.  Our children are out on summer break, family members are travelling and the sun shine brings about an amazing outlook on life.  Here at the Strazzeri Mancini offices, June is a month that our Partners have their partner meetings in Hawaii while the Strazzeri family and the Mancini family are on vacation.  Our offices are still open and we continue to serve our families and clients in the summer months.

Below are some highlights in the month of June:

June 4:  

  • FPA Strategic Group Breakfast – Joe Strazzeri, Shelley Lightfoot
  • Crawford High School Mentoring Program – Alex Matuk
  • Time with Friends Boat outing w/ Carl Sheeler and friends – Joe Strazzeri, Shelley Lightfoot

June 6:

  • Buy Sell Agreements presentation at Thursday Insights – Alex Matuk
  • John Jenkins of APS hosts Wine event – SMLPP partners are invited

June 7:  Advanced Planning for Edward Jones agents in SMLLP office

June 11:

  • International Planning training at SMLLP office
  • Time with Friends Boat outing w/ Mike Rodman and friends – Joe Strazzeri, Shelley Lightfoot
  • Team Training conference call for Laureate Wealth Strategies members

June 12:  

  • Behind the Conversation session at Del Mar Financial – Alex Matuk, Mike Armstrong
  • Team Interview for incoming Internship candidate
  • SCI Thursday Insights Margarittaville in the SMLLP offices

June 15:  Happy Birthday Alex Matuk

June 17:  Steve and Carol Mancini’s Anniversay

June 18:  San Diego Wealth Management Group meeting – Alex Matuk presenting

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Looking for an Estate Planning attorney in San Diego?

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Estate Planning at Strazzeri Mancini, is about trying to find and figure out the goals of the client.  We aim to work with them to know what’s really in there, what’s really inside, what are they really trying to get out?  Our end goal is always with the clients in mind.

The laws are going to change, health will change, family situations, and finances, etc…understanding that, we allow oursleves the proper time and attention to help our clients the best possible way.  In order to serve them at maximum capacity, we call on our Review process, an ongoing Maintenance process.  This allows us to assess every sitatution in order to counsel our clients as best we know how.

We work hard to make sure our clients have the ability to have this maintenance process, come in and check with us, and course correct every couple of years.

To us, Estate Planning is an ongoing relationship rather than simply a piece of documentation.