Summer time, Partner meetings, and Behind the Conversation sessions: July Review

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July was a calm month for the SMLLP team.  From board meetings, to fishing and a few teaching events. Everyone is enjoying the summer and had a fun and safe holiday weekend. With summer almost over we continue to take advantage of the great weather here in San Diego and to spend time with each other and our families.

July 1:

  • Attorney Kimberly Vawter’s Birthday

July 1-5:

  • Partners are in Hawaii for vacation

July 4:

  • The Fourth of July: Four-Day weekend

July 10:

  • Joseph Strazzeri teaches at Del Mar Financial series “Behind the Conversation” Session 3

July 16:

  • Stephen Mancini and Joseph Strazzeri hold conference training call with Laureate Members

July 18:

  • Alejandro Matuk and Joseph Strazzeri teach “Traditional Estate and Business Planning” at the Southern California Institute’s “Thursday Insights”

July 23:

  • Joseph Strazzeri attend a Sharp Healthcare Board of Directors Meeting
  • Alejandro Matuk visits Grossmont Foundation Board Meeting

July 24-25:

  • Stephen Mancini and Joseph Strazzeri guest at the Wealth Counsel Annual Conference

July 26-30:

  • Gone Fishin’ Partner Meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Are you coming across Complex Tax Issues in your business, family matters, or personal estate?

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Strazzeri Mancini is well aware of the high taxes most people pay.  By starting at the beginning of the year rather than the end, helps the client save money in the grand scheme of planning.  

Attorney Joe Strazzeri shares that, The person that ends up reporting their taxes after the end of the year pays more than the person, business owner, or real estate owner that goes in and does tax planning earlier on in the year, or years before.”

Unfortunately, many people are not aware that planning earlier in the year is an option. However, “Our team here at Strazzeri Mancini helps business owners, real estate owners, and families with taxable estates by resolving messes, transitions, protection, litigation, and complex tax issues.” 


If you would like more information about best practices and options on how to protect yourself, company, or family from Complex Tax issues, contact our office at: 858-200-1900