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Here at the Strazzeri Mancini offices, we value our team members, family members, clients, and our clients’ family members. With our focus intently concentrated on the betterment of the client, one of the initiatives we put into play is a program we call: The FamilyCare Workshops.

Asset Protection Specialist insights

In this program, our expert attorneys spend some time with all our invities and discuss information pertinent to the current economy, the changes in the law, estate planning, real estate related issues, tax information, and asset protection.


Asset Protection Specilalist


We feel it is our duty and responsibility to educate and make our clients aware of the changes and things that are happening in our world that could effect their plans.  Our attorneys are usually the keynote speakers, but we also invite other experts around the country (and local experts) to speak on behalf of pertinent topics for our clients.

Here are some insights from the program that you will be able to watch in the video provided:

  • “It’s not how much you make, but its how much you keep…”
  • With asset protection “there’s only so much you can really do BUT most people do not do enough, they don’t do the basics…”
  • “There needs to be some type of balance to this because it should be discussed so that everybody can make their own choice about what they would like to do in this area, how much they would like to protect and risk on what they might have.”
  • Jurisdiction Shopping is a major component to Asset Protection.
  • Fraudulent Conveyance is an issue that many attorneys struggle with, and this kind of thing needs to be planned for in order to avoid this particular legality.  This type of Asset Protection planning has to be done before you think you will need it in that type of situation.
  • Asset Protection should NOT be an event…it’s a process.  The planning has to be done before things happen.



If you are searching for an Asset Protection Specialist and need further guidance on your particular situation, feel free to give us a call at 858-200-1900 or shoot us a direct message through our contact form HERE

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