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Strazzeri Mancini, LLP has a unique menu of ways in which we can help a Successful Business Owner. From the Estate Planning angle in terms of creating proper structures to help prolong the impact of ones assets to the Asset Protection angle of protecting those assets for generations to come, here at Strazzeri Mancini, we focus on what is necessary and right for the people we serve.

As a Wealth Strategies law firm, we view this particular service in a particular light.  Not only do we take into consideration the various assets one may have but we really try to focus on what the family’s goals are.

Have you looked at your estate plan to see if it is appropriate for your family moving forward in 2013 and beyond?

With the changes happening in the world, our US economy, laws, etc…have your family goals changes as well?

If you would like to visit and get some of your questions answers regarding your family wealth, estate plan, or protecting your assets, please give us a call at:

(858) 200-1900

And Mike will be glad to direct you on the right path to supporting your family needs.