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As described by the writer: One of the most enjoyable aspects of watching a horse race from a seat at the Del Mar Race Track instead of your couch is that you get to see events unfold: meticulous track preparations, jockeys getting ready and parading onto the track, riders escorting each race horse onto the track and to the starting gate. You'll find lots of lively folks at Del Mar and the excitement factor as the horses round the last bend makes the crowd seem twice as large as it was a couple of minutes before.

Back in July, our team at Strazzeri Mancini accounted for some of that crowd excitement as we spent the day at the Del Mar Race track for our summer team outting.

On this 5th thursday of the month, we brought our loved ones, friends, and family members to enjoy the experience along with us.  As you'll see in the video, we had great food, amazing races to watch, and incredible people to be around.  

We place a lot of care and attention to our day to day business but we also pay much attention to each other and the care we give, so having a team outting allow for us to spend it with each other and have a good time while doing so.