At Strazzeri Mancini LLP we assist families and their advisors through our:

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FamilyCare Group™

Traditional Business, Estate, & Elder Law  Planning, Succession, and Litigation

FamilyCounselor Group™

Wealth Protection & Transfer Strategies for Business Owners and Families with assets between $15 and $75 million

FamilyGovernance Group™

Supporting Family Offices, Trust Companies, and Fiduciaries who help Businesses and Families with assets exceeding $75 million

Wealth Advisor Partnering Program

Assisting Attorneys, Accountants, and Consultants with Particular Client Cases through Collaborative Planning and Implementation


We take joy in serving the needs of our clients and look forward to speaking with you about how we may serve you and your family.

By combining your family's legal, financial, tax, philanthropic and business matters into a unified plan, Strazzeri Mancini LLP can:

  • Increase your control over your affairs;
  • Assure the continuance of your lifestyle and the protection of your assets;
  • Enable you to pass your values and work ethic to your heirs;
  • Substantially reduce excise, gift, estate, income and generation-skipping taxes;
  • Manage the value of your business interests; and
  • Keep your affairs free from publicity and the costs and delay of probate.

What does my family need?

Different families have different planning needs. Each will be concerned with bringing order to their affairs as well as passing on their goals, values, and passion for life's important matters. Families of modest means need to provide for their physical and financial concerns, as well as long term care.

Families who are members of the great American middle class need to protect their hard-won assets, to use the tax laws to maximum advantage, and to ensure their children's inheritance.
Affluent families must concern themselves with the same issues, as well as the stewardship of their wealth, their enduring significance and impact on society, and the responsibilities they wish to pass on to their family members.   We collaborate with other attorneys, financial planners, accountants, stockbrokers, and insurance professionals in order to serve the specialized planning needs of individual families.

As a San Diego, California, Wealth Strategies Collaborative, we look forward to serving the needs of our clients and look forward to speaking with you about how we may serve you, your family, and your advisors.

  • "Different Planning Needs"
  • "Families of Modest Means"
  • "Great American Middle Class"
  • "Affluent Families"


What is the FamilyCare Group™?
What is the FamilyCare Group™?


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